The 6th Sense

Throughout my childhood, I’ve been having what I call, flashes of insight. Some sort of knowing that suddenly settles into me.

I had one of those while sitting next to my friend one evening. Her husband had passed away many years ago – this all happened before her and I met and became friends. I never asked her about him because it is a private matter. But I suddenly sensed his spirit behind her, and I hesitated for a moment, but thought, “What the heck, she knows that I have these flashes of insight.”  

So I leaned over to her, and asked “Umm…is there an anniversary coming up for you?”

She stared at me.

I added: “Your husband keeps talking about it.”

There was a pause, and she said: “It’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow.  I almost forgot.”

OH.  Now everything made sense now.  While I was painting the 2″ X 2″ mini canvases, I kept sensing one of them was meant for my friend.  Her husband wanted her to have it as an anniversary gift.

I gave her the painting of the birds and the nest.


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