Grey Wolf

When I started to make a smudging fan for my friend Lynda, I wanted the fan to represent her lovely Spirit Guide, Grey Wolf. I needed to find natural feathers that reflected the colours of a grey wolf also, and wasn’t sure where to look.  So I silently asked for Grey Wolf’s guidance.

I was walking by a bus stop one day, and noticed on the ground dark grey and silver feathers. Perfect! I looked around and realized the area was inhabited by pigeons, which explained the wide selection of feathers.

I returned to the spot on a different day armed with a plastic bag. While I was picking up feathers and placing them in the bag, on my right side a long line-up of university students waiting for the bus looked at me with interest (or disgust…who knows…not everyone is excited about pigeon feathers as I was.) To my left was an industrial parking lot, and a man walking into his company car looked me oddly.

But in the end I got the feathers I needed, and that’s all that matters  🙂 After disinfecting the feathers, I realized I had the perfect number of them.  I used drift wood found on a lakeshore for the handle, and decorated it by braiding red and brown polyester fabric around it. (Red is her favourite colour.) I avoided leather, because I know Lynda lives an animal-friendly lifestyle. Symbolically, pigeon represents spirit messenger and communication between the two worlds. Perfect feathers for Lynda, who is a gifted psychic medium.

Merry Christmas Lynda!



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