Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone, and especially to my friend “B”. As some of you may already have figured from my previous posts, I can connect with Spirit. I connected with my friend B’s departed husband, and together we made a smudging fan. (Her husband gave me the ideas, and I simply made it.) The fan had to have personal meaning, and in the end we (myself and the husband in spirit) decided to use five feathers – two brown goose feathers to represent B and her husband, and three light coloured feathers to represent their children. The brown leather handle symbolizes B’s Spirit Guide.  The angel wing pendant and the red rose is a reminder to B of her husband’s love for her.  Early this year, B told me how her husband would cut roses from their garden and get one of their children to deliver it to her.  


Of course her husband wanted this all to be surprise, so I had to sneak it to her at a Christmas dinner.  I even typed out a message on the computer and stuck it on the gift box so she wouldn’t recognize my handwriting!

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