Second batch of Fall 2015 Smudge Fans

I am happy to present to you, my second batch of smudging and ceremonial fans for Fall. I am fascinated with Forest Fairies, and decided to create a smudge fan using white feathers that mimicked their wings, and an orange butterfly I found in a craft store made out of painted feathers! I decorated the handle with moss and flowers for an earthy touch. I am still in love with the naturally-molted, cruelty-free blue Macaw feathers, so more blue smudge fans were made.

I am dropping them off at Enlighten Spiritual this week, and I anticipate the smudge fans to be on the store shelves by the weekend of Oct. 24th.  

For more smudge fans, see Available.

First batch of Fall 2015 Smudge Fans are more than half sold out!

Wow, wow, wow…is all I can say! I spoke with Enlighten Spiritual store, and more than half of my smudge fans have sold out within 5 days! Thank you to all who purchased them. May the smudge fans add joy to your spiritual path and practice. I still need to update the Available page, as I haven’t gone into the store yet to take stock of what’s still there.

And thank you to the returning customers who keep asking when my next batch is coming. I am awaiting shipment of cruelty free feathers (the feathers fall off naturally from the birds, so it takes a while for me to receive them.) I am anticipating my next batch of smudge fans to be available near the end of October.

Fall 2015 Batch of Smudge Fans Coming Soon!

Hi all,

I am happy and excited, to announce that I am close to finishing my next batch of smudge fan creations!  It’s been awhile since I posted, mainly because I was busy creating the Spring/Summer batch of smudge fans, and the creative process just absorbed a lot of my time.

Thank you to those who purchased my smudging fans! I am grateful. May the smudging fans bring joy to your personal spiritual practice.

And thank you to the returning customers who keep inquiring at Enlighten Spiritual when my next batch of fans will be coming. There are very few smudge fans still available at Enlighten Spiritual. The store does not ship orders – the smudge fans are for in-person purchase only.

Stay tuned, as I will be introducing my latest creations (with pictures too!)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone, and especially to my friend “B”. As some of you may already have figured from my previous posts, I can connect with Spirit. I connected with my friend B’s departed husband, and together we made a smudging fan. (Her husband gave me the ideas, and I simply made it.) The fan had to have personal meaning, and in the end we (myself and the husband in spirit) decided to use five feathers – two brown goose feathers to represent B and her husband, and three light coloured feathers to represent their children. The brown leather handle symbolizes B’s Spirit Guide.  The angel wing pendant and the red rose is a reminder to B of her husband’s love for her.  Early this year, B told me how her husband would cut roses from their garden and get one of their children to deliver it to her.  


Of course her husband wanted this all to be surprise, so I had to sneak it to her at a Christmas dinner.  I even typed out a message on the computer and stuck it on the gift box so she wouldn’t recognize my handwriting!

Grey Wolf

When I started to make a smudging fan for my friend Lynda, I wanted the fan to represent her lovely Spirit Guide, Grey Wolf. I needed to find natural feathers that reflected the colours of a grey wolf also, and wasn’t sure where to look.  So I silently asked for Grey Wolf’s guidance.

I was walking by a bus stop one day, and noticed on the ground dark grey and silver feathers. Perfect! I looked around and realized the area was inhabited by pigeons, which explained the wide selection of feathers.

I returned to the spot on a different day armed with a plastic bag. While I was picking up feathers and placing them in the bag, on my right side a long line-up of university students waiting for the bus looked at me with interest (or disgust…who knows…not everyone is excited about pigeon feathers as I was.) To my left was an industrial parking lot, and a man walking into his company car looked me oddly.

But in the end I got the feathers I needed, and that’s all that matters  🙂 After disinfecting the feathers, I realized I had the perfect number of them.  I used drift wood found on a lakeshore for the handle, and decorated it by braiding red and brown polyester fabric around it. (Red is her favourite colour.) I avoided leather, because I know Lynda lives an animal-friendly lifestyle. Symbolically, pigeon represents spirit messenger and communication between the two worlds. Perfect feathers for Lynda, who is a gifted psychic medium.

Merry Christmas Lynda!