Healing tools for Healers


I’m Mari and live on the West Coast of Canada. I work as a Reiki Master/Teacher, ThetaHealer and an Intuitive, offering psychic mediumship readings, healing sessions, workshops and classes. You can find more about my intuitive work at Trillium Healing Path.  From my paternal line, I am Ainu. (Ainu are the indigenous people living in northern Japan.) Over the course of many years, Spirit has now guided me to be an energy healer who makes healing tools for other healers.

As a child I enjoyed being creative in all sorts of art forms. As an adult, my creativity has shifted to photography and making spiritual tools.  

These client testimonials are the reason why I enjoy channeling smudge fan inspirations from the Spirit World:

“I recently used Colliope in a Shamanic Energy Healing session, and it was one of the MOST POWERFUL sessions I’ve ever had the honor of participating in – your girl is magical and full of healing power – and I wanted to be sure to share this with you! (My client has had inexplicable hives for a solid 3 months and we were able to alleviate her symptoms and discomfort – pretty incredible!) Again, I am so grateful for you and your ability to create beautiful tools that are not only beautiful and fun to use, but full of healing grace and brought into this world with love! Thank you again :)”

S.L., U.S.A

“I want to let you know that I’ve been working with my smudge fan almost every day. She’s become a part of my daily ritual. She’s told me how she likes and wants to be used. She’s helping me connect to my Ancestors (who I now know are all of those who’ve come before me, not only the physical lineage) on a level I never knew I could. The other day I was feeling unworthy or incompetent at connecting, but I opened my eyes and looked at her. Rarely does something’s physical appearance so profoundly influence me, but her perfect form – colours, design, feather layout, each individual feather structure – reminds me of my Divine purpose, abilities, and worth. Thank you so much again for sharing this skill and gift of yours with the world. You have blessed me beyond measure. Thank you for helping me connect to Spirit.”  

H.W., U.S.A.

“I finally had some peaceful moments in my day and I opened the box from you. What beautiful gifts were enclosed. I feel your intention in each fan…I appreciate the way you package them because they are “framed” and safe for the move. I can look at them fully without putting them at risk.”

R.W., U.S.A.

“I received your lovely box. It was waiting for me one day after work. It was packed so carefully and beautifully. I absolutely love it !! It has a unique energy from the bird and it holds yours as well.  I too believe birds are messengers and people from the past visiting.
I just wanted to let you know that it’s very symbolic for me, at this time on my journey, to be working with bird energy. I’m purging the old me and the past….spreading my wings and getting ready to fly……. on all levels.  Free as a bird…. Love & light sister.
Full moon blessings.”

S.D. , Canada