Hello and welcome!

I’m Mari and live on the West Coast of Canada. I work as an Intuitive and a Reiki Master, offering psychic mediumship readings, healing sessions, and intuitive workshops and classes. You can find more about my intuitive work at Trillium Healing Path.  From my paternal line, I am part Ainu. (Ainu are the indigenous people living in northern Japan.)

As a child I enjoyed being creative in all sorts of art forms. As an adult, my creativity has shifted to photography and smudging fans. I also offer Smudge Fan Making workshops. 

Smudging is a Native American cleansing process to purify oneself, an object, or a space spiritually by burning herbs.  Sometimes people use feather fans to fan the smoke from the herbs. I personally find smudging fans extremely useful in directing the smoke and keeping the herbs burning during a cleansing.

This client testimonial is the reason why I enjoy channeling smudge fan inspirations from the Spirit World:

“I want to let you know that I’ve been working with my smudge fan almost every day. She’s become a part of my daily ritual. She’s told me how she likes and wants to be used. She’s helping me connect to my Ancestors (who I now know are all of those who’ve come before me, not only the physical lineage) on a level I never knew I could. The other day I was feeling unworthy or incompetent at connecting, but I opened my eyes and looked at her. Rarely does something’s physical appearance so profoundly influence me, but her perfect form – colours, design, feather layout, each individual feather structure – reminds me of my Divine purpose, abilities, and worth. Thank you so much again for sharing this skill and gift of yours with the world. You have blessed me beyond measure. Thank you for helping me connect to Spirit.”  – H.W., U.S.A