Custom Orders

*** 2022 – 2023: I am currently not taking any custom orders at this time. ***

A custom-made spiritual tool starts at $950 CDN and involves:

  • One hour meeting to view feathers, branches, and other materials to generate inspiration for your spiritual tool, and pictures you’ve found so I can have an idea of what you’re looking for. I also connect with your Spirit Guides for guidance as we discuss how it will be used (space clearing? healing sessions?). Also, if I do NOT intuitively feel I am the person to create a sacred tool for you, I will say No.
  • My time spent searching, ordering, cleaning the feathers and branches.
  • Pictures sent as I progress along your custom order for your feedback, or a couple of Zoom calls required. I may also request a second in-person meeting.
  • Smudging ceremony and healing session to energetically connect you and your spiritual tool (1.5 hours.)

No modifications can be made to the custom order package.

Out of respect, I do not copy nor duplicate works by other artists.

My goal is to create a truly unique spiritual tool and ally that will work with you on your spiritual path and your soul’s evolution.