This section describes my creative process before, during, and after the spiritual tools have been created. I respect the spiritual process of creating the fans. I meditate and spend time in nature to maintain a clean state of being to be able to receive inspiration from Spirit.  I also work with Spirit Plants, and sometimes microdose on plant medicines to expand my energy channels to invite their spirit into the creative process. 


I continuously collect things – feathers, branches, and stones I find on my walks in nature. I am also constantly collecting cruelty-free feathers. These feathers have been naturally molted from birds at bird rescue sanctuaries. Because I also work as an energy healer and am highly empathic, I can feel the emotional and mental disturbances that the rescue birds have gone through within the feathers.  Upon receiving the feathers, I give healing to it to release any negativity and thoroughly wash and disinfect them.  This is just my own personal preference, so that the feathers have good energy and ready to become part of a spiritual tool.

At this stage, ideas come to me while browsing through gemstone shops or art stores. Sometimes I am simply at home looking at my collection of feathers when I feel specific feathers “call” to each other. 


When I begin combining feathers, other feathers suddenly become part of the fan, and from here, things are ready to be assembled together. I then naturally gravitate towards a leather or a botanical handle to compliment the feathers. During the making of a tool, I am checking in with my Spirit Guides from time to time for their guidance.


When the spiritual tools are completed and packaged, I smudge them with white sage to release any remaining negativity. I then smudge them with sweetgrass to infuse the fans with abundance for their new owners. I am a Reiki Master and Teacher, and use Reiki (a Japanese energy healing modality) to further add good energy to and to seal the energy that has been put into them. I also use ThetaHealing to program the tools so they know how to work. I complete the birthing of these spiritual tools by doing drumming ceremonies to place “heartbeats” into them, to awaken the soul within them.