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Please note that I have disabled my Contact Form, as my energy healing business is keeping me busy, and I am not taking in custom orders. I also do not give tips, guidance or advice on how to create a smudge fan in written communication. Teaching how to create a smudge fan is best done in-person, where I am beside you.

Also, creating these smudge fans are not a “hobby”. It is a serious spiritual practice for me to connect and channel spiritual healing tools from the Spirit World. These healing tools then go into hands of other healers to spread Light. Therefore I do not casually give advice or guidance because it will be disrespectful to this spiritually creative path, and there is more to this work than what you see. 

Please also note that while I’m doing self-work on connecting more strongly to the Spirit realm, I am not offering apprenticeship or mentoring at this time.

Thank you for your understanding. Blessings.