The Mermaid Tail

My Spirit Guides have been giving me ideas, and I had to answer the call to create more smudge fans. I call the layered fish-scale look “The Mermaid Tail”. I haven’t created a yellow a smudge fan before, so it was nice to finally create one.

These are available on my Etsy shop.

Smudge Fan Show & Sale

Smudge Fan Show & Sale happening! Details below:

Saturday, Feb. 27th  12pm – 5pm

#103-3711 Delbrook Plaza, North Vancouver

Free 2 hour parking within the plaza. 

Smudge Fans range in price from $15 – $65



First batch of fans for 2016

It was the last week of December,and I had planned on some meditation and having some personal time.

But my Spirit Guides began pressing me to create several smudging fans. I thought I was done creating things for the year, but I answered my guides’ advice and began making some smudging fans.

As I was looking at the growing collection of smudging fans in my living room, I began to wonder where I would be selling them.  Enlighten Spiritual (where I sold them the last several years) were closing their store doors. My plan for 2016 was (and still is) to sell my smudging fans online on Etsy.  

It was at this point, when I got a text from the owner of Enlighten Spiritual. A woman walked into Enlighten, saw my smudging fans and wanted to get in contact with me – she wanted to sell my smudging fans in her own store too! 

This was great news, and as I hung up the phone after talking to the owner of The Oracle, I felt my Spirit Guides give me a playful punch in the shoulder and saw them smile smugly and heard them say: “Told ya to make a whole bunch!”

I am grateful that my smudge fans continue to be out in stores for people to enjoy them. Even more grateful that the Universe and Spirit wants me to continue creating these spiritual tools.

Second batch of Fall 2015 Smudge Fans

I am happy to present to you, my second batch of smudging and ceremonial fans for Fall. I am fascinated with Forest Fairies, and decided to create a smudge fan using white feathers that mimicked their wings, and an orange butterfly I found in a craft store made out of painted feathers! I decorated the handle with moss and flowers for an earthy touch. I am still in love with the naturally-molted, cruelty-free blue Macaw feathers, so more blue smudge fans were made.

I am dropping them off at Enlighten Spiritual this week, and I anticipate the smudge fans to be on the store shelves by the weekend of Oct. 24th.  

For more smudge fans, see Available.